Disclaimer and Disclosure

As a regular contributor to this and other websites, a speaker at various events, and in my personal capacity as a user of social networks I regularly express public views on technology, social equality and various other subjects. Any statements I make, unless explictly stated otherwise, reflect my personal views. They do not reflect the views of my employers, any other organisations I represent or organisations with which I associate.

In the interests of full disclosure for ethical and legal purposes I will attempt to disclose material connections behind any opinions I express. Individual material connections may be disclosed on specific contributions or otherwise disclosed below. Anybody is welcome to contact me for additional information or clarification on any points raised in this page or declarations made in other contributions.

As an employee of SafetyCulture Pty Ltd I receive remuneration for my work including a salary, superannuation and other benefits. I have also previously been an employee of Woolworths Ltd, Mojito Solutions Pty Ltd, James Cook University and Country Craft Junction and received remuneration from all these parties.

I am a financial member of Associate grade with The Australian Computer Society and as such I am bound by the Australian Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct. I am also a financial member of Lions International and the Unicode Consortium. I am the founder and co-ordinator of DevNQ which is sponsored by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd, JESI Management Solutions Pty Ltd and JetBrains s r o.

In 2012 I accepted an offer to sit on the board of The Cathedral School Past Students Association which is associated with The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James. My appointment to the board was affirmed by the stakeholders at the 2012 AGM. The Past Students Association is a not-for-profit organisation and I receive no remuneration for this role.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or enquiries about this disclaimer, the interests disclosed above, any articles I have published, or presentations I have given feel free to contact me on the form provided.

Alternatively you may contact me using the social media links in the footer below, or by email at tristan@tristandavey.com.