There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Nelson Mandela

I'm Tristan Davey, a software engineer and free software advocate and with a passion for spreading knowledge and building a stronger development community. Based in Townsville, Australia I spend my days building software to revolutionise workplace heath and safety at SafetyCulture, and my nights thinking up, exploring and implementing crazy software concepts. I love seeing technology transform peoples lives.

I'm an advocate of the free software movement and a passionate campaigner for the rights of gender and sexual minorities from the perspective of technology. I'm a associate of the Australian Computer Society, a member to the Unicode Consortium and the founder of the DevNQ North Queensland Developer Meetup.


I was born and raised in North Queensland, Australia and began experimenting at an early age. I pursued an education in Information Technology at James Cook University. I started my career building and maintaining websites for local businesses. I joined Mojito Solutions for several years developing custom web-applications for clients including ticket-booking systems and subscription service systems. During this time I also lectured e-commerce and online advertising classes at James Cook University and for a number of years conducted workshops for their web technologies subjects.

In 2012 I joined a, then, small team at SafetyCulture, where I co-developed the first generation of their workplace safety management platform. I continue to work in a senior development role with SafetyCulture developing future generations of their software. I'm a regular presenter at North Queensland industry events and a strong supporter of the Townsville development community.

Got Questions?

Want to reach out and contact me about my work or projects? I'm more than happy to answer questions, take feedback or just meet new with like-minded people.

Alternatively you may email me using the link and PGP key above.