Silver Linings - North Queensland IT Industry Conference 2015

SafetyCulture's Cloud Team Lead, Tom Dance, and I recently put together a presentenation, Silver Linings - Our journey in migrating a cloud, discussing the goals and challenges of SafetyCulture's cloud product rebuild and cloud service provider migration project which was completed in February 2015. The presentation is a detailed follow-on from SafetyCulture CEO, Luke Anear's, Amazon Web Services Sydney Summit keynote, in which he discussed the evolution of our business and the necessity to completely overhaul our product's architecture and infrastructure to meet our scaling demands.

The seminar covers our complete rearchitecture and rebuild of our SafetyCloud software into its modern SafetyCulture equivalent. It details not only the motivations and goals of the rebuild, but our entire company's from Google Cloud to Amazon's Web Service's offerings. We also discuss the successful reconstruction of a live HTTP API in a different language, and one of the greatest challenges, the data migration of 130 million customer data records from Google Cloud's proprietary Datastore to a new Couchbase Server cluster on the other side of the continent.

Silver Linings was presented at the North Queensland IT Industry Conference 2015. A Slideshare presentation is available below and a video of the seminar may be made available by event organisers at a later time.

Seminar Slides

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